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Laser Lipo - Non Invasive Liposuction

Transform your Body without Downtime with Laser Liposuction offered at Skin Conceirge Med Spa

Like many of us who diet and exercise, you may still have bulging areas of fat in the abdomen, hips and thighs. These “problem areas” typically respond much slower to diet and exercise and remain a concern for many patients. Some patients may resort to cosmetic surgery; however, there are others who are hesitant because of the associated risks, downtime and potential complications.

Every day our patients ask us if there are any effective, yet safe alternatives to cosmetic surgery. The answer is an emphatic, YES. At Skin Concierge, we offer the most effective non invasive solution for fat burning. We offer the new non invasive Lipo Treatments!

Laser Lipo
laser lipo

Benefits of Laser Lipo Treatments

Laser Lipo uses laser technology to liquefy fat below the out skin layer. This laser is classified as a “cold, low level” laser which is effective in liquefying fat, yet gentle and safe to the surrounding structures. Once the fat cells have been treated, they will be removed by the body using the body’s natural processes.

Schedule your complimentary body consultation to learn more and if Laser Lipo is right for you.

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